17th AYLC challenges young leaders to ‘be true, lead true’

 To kindle the passionate expression of conviction and values—these are the hallmarks of authentic leadership.

On February 10 to 13, 81 of the most promising student leaders from all over the country converged in Batangas for the 17th Ayala Young Leaders Congress (AYLC), the flagship youth leadership program of the Ayala group of companies.

 Carrying the theme, “Being True, Leading True,” the congress sought to strengthen the innate passion for service and leadership among our young leaders, as they prepare to transition from university to various fields of interest. “Authentic leadership starts with the youth,” said Ma. Lourdes Heras-de Leon, president of Ayala Foundation, which manages and implements AYLC. This authenticity, she added, will serve as the youth’s compass, as they take bigger and bigger steps toward making positive change in their communities and in the country.

The 81 AYLC participants came from some of the top colleges and universities in the country, with representatives from the military, police, and religious sectors.

Change agents from various sectors served as resource speakers, sharing their journeys through leadership, and how their passion—what, in colloquial terms, is referred to as their “#hugot”—could bring about personal and community transformation.

Jimmy Florcruz, former bureau chief of CNN in Beijing, served as the keynote speaker. He posed this challenge on our young leaders: “Critics of your generation say that you are a bunch of egotistic, narcissistic, selfish ‘me, me, me’ brats. I don’t think so. But you need to help me prove your critics wrong. Be leaders for change.

Other speakers at the three-day congress included Reese Fernandez-Ruiz of Rags2Riches, Magsaysay Award–winning teacher Randy Halasan, and filmmaker and writer Pepe Diokno.

About the Ayala Young Leaders Congress

As the flagship youth leadership program of the Ayala group of companies, AYLC nurtures a community of values-based and principled Filipino leaders who are committed to nation building and uplifting the lives of their fellow Filipinos. As a strategic investment in the youth—and ultimately, the future of the country—AYLC is an expression of Ayala’s commitment to national development. 

For more information on AYLC, visit the AYLC website.

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