A Day at the Museum with CENTEX students, Intercon volunteers

Not even a storm could dampen the spirits of students from the Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX) and volunteers from the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) as they enjoyed an afternoon tour of the Ayala Museum.

On September 14, 47 grade-six students from CENTEX Batangas and over 50 IHG volunteers enjoyed the “Day At the Museum” tour and took in the museum’s extensive collection. 

IHG Revenue Management Services sponsored the CENTEX class to the “Day at the Museum” tour and spent the afternoon interacting with the students and learning more about their lives. IHG Volunteers paired up with the students and served as the kids’ ates and kuyas

Another highlight of the “A Day at the Museum” educational tour was the Art Workshop facilitated by the Ayala Museum staff. CENTEX and IHG volunteers learned how to paint in the style of renowned artist Fernando Zóbel by using syringes and water-based paint. 

The tour culminated with a Quiz Round, which served as a quick refresher from the tour. 

The “A Day at the Museum” is a program of the Ayala Museum that allows organizations or groups to sponsor a class of students and take them on an educational tour of the museum. The program helps share the rich museum experience with young students from some of Ayala Foundation’s partner communities who have yet to visit the Ayala Museum. 

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