#AsOneWeCan Artist in Focus: Tokwa Peñaflorida

Meet Tokwa.

Tokwa Peñaflorida

Tokwa Peñaflorida

A talented young artist from Indang, Cavite, this 23-year old painter has been making a name for himself in the art scene and it’s not just because he’s named after one of our favorite dishes.

Coming from a family of artist, Tokwa Peñaflorida has been exposed to art at a very early age. So it’s no surprise that becoming an artist was like slipping into his second skin.

“I have always been passionate about art. I think I can’t not be an artist,” shared Tokwa.

Tokwa is likewise a children’s book illustrator for various publication houses as well as a fashion illustrator. You can view more of Tokwa’s art at his home gallery in Vinyl On Vinyl in Makati City.

Q&A with Tokwa

Who are the artists that influenced you?

Alphonse Mucha, Gustav Klimt, Vincent Van Gogh, Hokusai, Henri Toulouse Lautrec, JJ Waterhouse, Hikari Shimoda, Stella Im Hultberg, Robert Alejandro, and May Anne Licudine. My most favorite artist and the one I admire the most will always be my mother.

What made you decide to participate in Ayala Foundation’s ‘As One We Can’ Campaign?

I really like using my talent to help people and advocacies I believe in, and, the invitation to participate in this project was a great opportunity to do so.

Learn more about Tokwa and his stunning work by visiting his Tumbler page: tokwap.tumblr.com or check out Ayala Foundation’s special feature gallery on Tokwa’s work.

Pilipinas 1 (6 of 7) - Penaflorida (Cocoon)

Cocoon by Tokwa Peñaflorida (Part of AFI’s As One We Can Series)


"Dear Aurie" 18x24, Watercolor, Colored pencils on Paper, 2013

“Dear Aurie” 18×24, Watercolor, Colored pencils on Paper, 2013


 "Putresence" Watercolor, Colored Pencils on Paper. 12x18 inches. 2012

“Putresence” Watercolor, Colored Pencils on Paper. 12×18 inches. 2012


 "Dear Teresa" Watercolor, Colored Pencils and Acrylic on Paper. 22x30 inches, 2013

“Dear Teresa” Watercolor, Colored Pencils and Acrylic on Paper. 22×30 inches, 2013

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