Ayala Foundation launches ‘As One We Can’ campaign through cinema ad

Every Filipino has their own vision of a better future—a good job; food for the family; education for all children; an end to war, injustice, and violence. These visions may vary from Filipino to Filipino; each Filipino’s vision for a brighter future may even cover different areas of concern.

If one takes these individual dreams and aspirations together, one would discover they are closely related—they form a bigger picture that breaks boundaries, multiplies possibilities, and includes virtually everybody. Ultimately, the challenge is to for everyone to come together in taking that first step toward making their vision of a better future come true.

This is why Ayala Foundation Inc. developed its official tagline—“As One We Can.”

In August, Ayala Foundation’s “Pilipinas: As One We Can” cinema ad is set to premiere at Ayala Cinemas, as the foundation’s way of encouraging Filipinos from all walks of life to come together in building the nation’s future.

The 45-second cinema ad features special artworks created by some of the most promising young artists in the country today. Each artwork displays a multiplicity of techniques, colors, and styles, and reflects each artist’s unique sensibility and approach to art. However, when the paintings are put beside one another, the word, “PILIPINAS” appears—a symbol for how Filipinos can harness their respective strengths and harmonize the elements together, so they can form a bigger, more compelling picture that celebrates both unity and diversity.

The Ayala Foundation cinema ad features the works of Vincent Aseo, Anjo Bolarda, Rob Cham, Paulo Correa, Rai Cruz, Dan Fajardo, Clarina Gonzales, Soleil Ignacio, Wiji Lacsamana, Tokwa Peñaflorida, Vincent Trinidad, Nelz Yumul, and Chalk Zaldivar.

Also featured are the works of AFI-affiliated artists—Gladys Documento, Yani Alonto, Jet de la Rosa (alumni of the Ayala Young Leaders Congress); Lowell Moncal, Katreena Villanueva, and Rishanne Dizon (graduates of the Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education); and Nikko Pascua (former AFI intern).

To support the cinema ad, AFI is displaying “As One We Can” posters in key parts of the Makati Central Business District (such as the MCBD walkways, Glorietta, and Greenbelt). These posters asked passersby to think of their vision of a better future. At the same time they introduced the foundation’s four program pillars—Education, Youth Leadership, Sustainable Livelihood, and Arts and Culture.

AFI also refreshed its official website to reflect its tagline. At the same time, the bold new site makes a stronger call for the public to support the foundation in three simple ways—donate, partner, or volunteer.

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