Ayala Foundation launches crowd-funding campaign for Tausug families

The Tausug of Patikul, Sulu, are peace-loving Filipinos with a distinctive culture and colorful traditions.

They live on fertile land that is rarely visited by typhoons, making it ideal for agriculture. In addition, the area has rich marine and mineral resources. Sadly, Patikul, Sulu, remains to be a hotbed for extremist activity, which continues to jeopardize the peace and order situation in the area. In turn, their presence affects the daily lives of many families in the area.

As the national gov”ernment and peace advocates work toward a solution to the peace-and-order situation in Sulu, the work toward improving economic conditions in the region also continues. 

To support Tausug families in Patikul, Sulu, Ayala Foundation is embarking on a crowd-funding campaign that will run for 45 days on The Spark Project.

AFI is raising P200,000 that will help fund sustainable livelihood communities in Patikul, Sulu, for the benefit of 15 Tausug families.

AFI embarked on this campaign because it believes in the power of the community. By sharing the responsibility of implementing the project with the community, AFI shares the ownership of the project, which allows the community to feel a greater sense of ownership of the project. A community-core group will help us in the selection, implementation, and supervision of the various livelihood projects.

AFI also believes in the power of working together in creating greater impact. The funds raised from this campaign will be turned over to Matawkasi Foundation, which shall be supported by the “One with Sulu” volunteer group and the Philippine Marines. Matawkasi Foundation will help in running the livelihood projects.

To donate to the “Support a Tausug” campaign, visit The Spark Project.

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