Ayala Foundation, ORG-ARMM, Eisenhower Fellows kick off Bangsamoro Young Leaders Program – Leadership Communities

ISABELA, BASILAN—Ayala Foundation, the Office of the Regional Governor of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ORG-ARMM), and the Eisenhower Fellows Association of the Philippines (EFAP) recently launched the Bangsamoro Young Leaders Program – Leadership Communities (BYLP-LeadCom), which seeks to harness the strengths of Bangsamoro youth as agents of positive change in their respective communities.

To kick off the program, the partners signed a memorandum of agreement on July 8, at the Isabela State College Amphitheatre in Isabela, Basilan. Present during the signing were Ayala Foundation President Ruel Maranan, ARMM Regional Governor Mujiv Hataman, and EFAP Chair Ernesto Garilao.

BYLP-LeadCom—which targets youth from five provinces in the ARMM—is an offshoot of the successful Basilan Young Leaders Program and Leadership Communities (LeadCom) Basilan program, which were launched in 2015.

For the first phase of the program, 35 ARMM youth will be selected to participate in a learning tour across the country. They will meet with change makers from the fields of government, social entrepreneurship, business, public health, education, and others, so they can appreciate better how people from various sectors contribute to the improvement in the lives of people and communities.

By October, the program will welcome 140 more young leaders from the ARMM, as it enters the LeadCom phase. This nine-month period will expose the youth to a process by which they can identify urgent challenges faced by their communities, conceptualize projects that will address these challenges, and implement and monitor the impact of these projects.

“Ayala Foundation, together with the Ayala group of companies, upholds the critical role of the youth in nation-building,” says Ruel Maranan, president of Ayala Foundation. “We hope that BYLP–LeadCom will serve as a catalyst for unity as well as the improvement in the lives of people, not only here in ARMM, but also in other parts of the country. Ayala Foundation strongly believes in bringing lasting and sustainable change through community development, especially in areas where growth and development are needed the most.”

Coinciding with the MOA signing for BYLP, the LeadCom Basilan participants organized an exhibit, also at the Isabela State College Amphitheatre. In this exhibit, the LeadCom Basilan participants showed not only how far they’ve gone in their leadership journey—they also showed how they have contributed to addressing some of the challenges faced by their respective communities, particularly in such areas as education, livelihood, health, and peace.

One of the projects showcased in the exhibit is the “Bangka sa Sangkahan” project. The young proponents of this project saw this as an ingenious solution for challenges related to education—by providing boats, students now have the means to go to school, attend classes regularly, and also improve their learning. The boat project not only helped the students—it also helped fishermen/boat operators have a regular source of income.

Another notable project is “Born Free.” Through this project, a youth group from Barangay Bohe Pahu, Ungkaya Pukan, Basilan, actively conducted an information drive that provides health information for 60 mothers, many of whom go to traditional birth attendants (hilot). The information campaign for Born Free aims to contribute to the reduction of maternal mortality and infant mortality, as well as the promotion of safe delivery procedures in the area.

With BYLP-LeadCom 2016, Ayala Foundation, ORG-ARMM, and EFAP hope to see more of these creative solutions for community challenges in various ARMM communities.

We are now accepting applications for the BYLP-LeadCom 2016 batch. Deadline for applications is on August 1, 2016. Download the application form here.

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