CENTEX: Making dreams come true

– Gabrielle D. Lavitoria

Gabrielle D. Lavitoria, CENTEX Manila student

Gabrielle D. Lavitoria, CENTEX Manila student

I was born and raised in Binondo. My life was just like that of the other kids in our neighborhood. But my life changed when I was admitted to CENTEX.

I was with my father when he enrolled my sister at Almario Elementery School, I went with them because I was curious about the things that the students were doing in school. I saw them coloring, drawing and answering something. I excitedly asked the teacher if I could do the same. Instead, she let me write my name on a piece of paper. So, I wrote down my complete name. She was amazed that I was able to do this. However, she could not accommodate me since I was very young then. The school principal encouraged us to try to enroll at CENTEX, instead.

I took the qualifying examination at CENTEX. I was surprised and amazed to see the beautiful surroundings of the school. I saw the rooms that were adorned with beautiful art work of students.

After several weeks, we received a call from Ayala Foundation. I passed the test! I jumped with joy! I enjoyed going to school everyday. I always looked forward to doing activities with my classmates. And until now, I still enjoy staying in school and attending extra curricular activities like the After Class Hours Program.

In school, I know that I should strive and exert more effort to maintain my grades. Our lessons are extraordinary and even our teachers are friendly and patient. There are only 25 of us in a section. We have big books, interesting visual materials, and many resources. 

At CENTEX, one should be a wide reader and must have an open mind to modern technologies. The learning value that I got is that they taught me how to be a good student. I learned the HINTS (Honesty, I Statements, No Put Downs and Sensitivity to Others). I also learned our 4 Core Values; Excellence, Patriotism, Integrity and Commitment and I practice them all.

Gab with Singapore's First Lady Mary Tan during her visit at the CENTEX Manila school.

Gab with Singapore’s First Lady Mary Tan during her visit at the CENTEX Manila school.

According to our CENTEX vision, we have to be a model public school, a learning environment where achievers and servant leaders are developed. CENTEX shaped me to be a better person. I learned values in life. We have our Character Education and Self Esteem program that teaches us to become good citizens.

My goal now is to study harder. I hope to be the Valedictorian in our batch. I promise to reach this goal. I want to help my family by making all their dreams come true. My wish is to have a bright future.

That’s why CENTEX is a dream come true for me. CENTEX helps poor but deserving students like me.

I want to thank the school for all the wonderful experiences we’ve had through the years. You’ve shown us your love and care. I hope that you continue to develop students to become good servant leaders. Thank you and God bless.

Gab is an incoming sixth grade student of the Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX) Manila. 

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