MSO’s Rush Hour Concerts at the Ayala Museum

“Rush Hour Concerts: A Different Kind of Traffic Jam” by the Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO), in partnership with the Ayala Museum, was no ordinary musical event.

Held every other Thursday at the Ayala Museum lobby from March to May, the concert series offered Makati denizens a refuge from the rush-hour traffic. From 6.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m., people were able to enjoy an hour of classical music, as performed by the MSO, Asia’s first and one of the country’s best symphony orchestras.

The Rush Hour Concerts were divided into five parts during the summer: “Suite Pastoral: The Music of Lucio San Pedro,” held on March 21; “Music for Strings: Corelli, Vivaldi, Teleman, and Bach,” on April 4; “Music for Woodwinds: Haydn, Debussy, Rameau, Parungau, and Keopke,” on April 18; “Music for Brasses and Percussion” on May 2; and the 2013 MSO Launch, during which the whole orchestra performed, on May 22.

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