Disaster Relief/Laging Handa

The country is regularly visited by natural calamities, and we must always be prepared to respond to the needs of those most severely affected by these disasters.

Yolanda button.001Ayala Foundation sees the importance of disaster preparedness, which is why it keeps its Laging Handa Donation Channel available all year round. Through its Disaster Relief program, AFI is able to readily help those in urgent need of support during these times, in partnership with local organizations.

Currently, we have several fund-raising activities under Laging Handa. If you’re using our Bank of the Philippine Islands donation channels, please take note of the following Reference Numbers: 

  • Laging Handa General Fund: H500000
  • Typhoon Yolanda Relief: D315004 
  • Bohol and Cebu Earthquake Relief: H502002 
  • Alay 25–Iloilo Rehabilitation: O501002
  • Bangon Pinoy Globe: S501003

Your generosity goes a long way to support

 Communities affected by typhoons and other calamities. Any amount is appreciated.


 For more information, visit our Donate page, or contact us at info@ayalafoundation.org