Leadership Communities

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Leadership Communities (LeadCom) brings the AYLC experience to the different regions and provinces in the country. It works with colleges, universities, and communities outside the National Capital Region, but also reaches out to teachers, school officials, and local government officials.

LeadCom empowers the youth to get involved in addressing pressing needs and issues in their local community through projects they themselves will propose, plan, and implement. LeadCom identifies five to ten youth teams endorsed by colleges, universities, and other youth-serving organizations, as well as guides them through the process of implementing their project plans by holding workshops, making resources and mentors available, and helping them establish links with possible partners.

The process of working on meaningful and relevant projects develops and improves the participants’ leadership, communication, teamwork, and project management skills. Moreover, the LeadCom experience nurtures in the youth a greater sense of responsibility in developing their community.

For more information, contact us at info@ayalafoundation.org