Recipients of Ayala Master Tri-Sector Collaboration Scholarship named

Three notable professionals from the nonprofit sector are the recipients of the inaugural Ayala Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration Scholarship, as announced by Ayala Foundation recently.

Recipients of the scholarship are Lani Mateo, Christine Marie Cruz, and Philline Paye Donggay, and they officially start in the program this January. The Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration (MSTC) postgraduate degree is offered only by the Singapore Management University.

Lani Mateo is currently a monitoring and evaluation specialist with the International Rice Research Institute, and has had significant experience in information systems management during her tenure at World Vision Philippines.

Christine Marie Cruz’s work experience is in the field of program communication, as well as in project planning and implementation. She is with the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability – East Asia and the Pacific Foundation, and has served as a consultant with various nonprofits.

Philline Donggay is a media and communications consultant with the Asian Development Bank. She has worked with other nonprofits as well as in media.

Developed by and taught at the Singapore Management University (SMU), the MTSC is the world’s only advanced degree program in professionalizing partnership development and management. It empowers emerging leaders from the private, public, and people sectors to work together to develop sustainable solutions to the world’s big problems. This integrated program provides a toolkit of collaborative and management skills to deal with a future of increasing complexity and scarce resources. Interdisciplinary training will come from both academic faculty and professional practitioners. Modules provide rigorous training in topics such as partnership mindsets, global trends, personal leadership, leading change from the middle of an organization, futures methodologies, and complexity science. Students undertake Capstone projects that address real-world challenges requiring tri-sectoral collaboration to solve.

The scholarship is housed under the education arm of the Ayala Foundation, and provides financial assistance to its scholars pursuing the Ayala Master of Tri-Sector Collaboration post-graduate degree.

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