Text2Teach gains international attention

 Text2Teach, an innovative mobile learning solution, received a Merit Award at the recently concluded 6th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2014 in Bali, Indonesia.

 Text2Teach is a comprehensive mobile learning package that uses Nokia mobile phones, which can download more than 300 educational video materials on grade 5 and 6 Math, Science, English, and Values Education. It comes with a Globe Telecom BridgeCom prepaid SIM card and a 32-inch LED Toshiba television.  This innovative technology allows teachers even in remote areas to access educational materials to supplement their lessons. To date, the program has reached 1,057 public elementary schools all over the Philippines.

 At the 6th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2014, the project received a Merit Award for Best Community Program. The awards recognize companies for “outstanding, innovative, and world-class products, services, projects, and programs implemented in the past or present.” For its Best Community Program category, the awards look for projects that helped achieve poverty alleviation, better education, business growth, or community engagement.

 For its proven track record as a mobile education solution for schools, Text2Teach was also included as a case study in two international conferences earlier this year in February. Text2Teach was featured at the GSMA (GSM Association) during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week 2014 at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France. 

 “This case study demonstrates what can be achieved through multi-sector partnerships in education – government, multi-national organizations, foundations, technology providers, telecom operators and schools – collaborating towards agreed, shared goals. Through Text2Teach, teachers and pupils, many of whom are located in remote, neglected regions of the Philippines, can benefit from rich materials which help supplement their learning experience. Starting from a modest trial, Text2Teach has within a decade benefitted more than 300,000 students. We look forward to seeing how it continues to develop,” noted the GSMA in its Text2Teach case study.

 Text2Teach is the Philippine name of the global BridgeIT program conceptualized in 2003 by Nokia, Pearson, the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Youth Foundation.  It is being implemented locally by an alliance composed of Nokia, Globe Telecom, the Department of Education, Pearson Foundation, and Ayala Foundation.

 “We are very proud of what Text2Teach has achieved through the years. Text2Teach has reached 1,057 schools and more than 300,000 students all over the country. We have received reports of there are higher learning gains among students in the subjects of English, Math and Science. With incorporating Text2Teach into the classroom, teachers make lessons more fun and interesting. We are excited to mainstream this and this happen to all of our public elementary schools,” said Luli Heras-de Leon, President of Ayala Foundation.

 Text2Teach celebrates its 10 year in the Philippines. Significant steps have already been taken to mainstream the program. Phase 4 of the project is scheduled for completion in June 2014. Phase 5 will be geared toward mainstreaming the program, which will start mid-2014.

 Text2Teach does not only demonstrate how mobile technology can be used for education; it also shows how the private and public sectors can work together in bridging the educational and digital divide for students around the world. And with the private-public partnership strategy employed by the project, Text2Teach is reaching more schools in the country, with a target of 850 new schools by 2014.

 For more information on Text2Teach, visit www.text2teach.org, or contact program manager, JR Demecais demecais.ig@ayalafoundation.org.,Tel.: +(63 2) 752-1185 / (0917) 8607764


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