A student uses music to gather support for families affected by Taal

  BY Ayala Foundation       January 31, 2020       Batangas, Bauan, CENTEX BATANGAS, Taal Eruption 2020, centex

CENTEX Batangas graduate AJ Macuha (right), together with his teacher and classmate at Bauan Technical High School, used his musical talent to gather support for Taal-affected families (Photo courtesy of CENTEX teacher Glaidz Maramot)


A little effort and a whole lot of creativity can go a long way.

This was proven by Estudyanteng Magiting Aldwyn Jade Macuha, who went around Bauan, Batangas to ask for donations in light of recent Taal Volcano Eruption.

Together with other students and a teacher of Bauan Technical High School, Macuha went around Batangas singing their own compositions to ask for help in money and kind for those affected by the challenging circumstance.

Macuha is a member of CENTEX Batangas batch 2013–2014. One of the top public elementary schools in the province, CENTEX Batangas is supported by Ayala Foundation’s CENTEX program, which provides holistic, quality education for bright children from economically disadvantaged families, while also providing training and mentoring for teachers and encouraging the support of parents.

Simultaneously, CENTEX Batangas teachers, parents, and volunteers also came together to distribute relief goods to families staying in different evacuation areas in Bauan, Batangas.

The following schools are Bauan Central School, West Bauan Elementary School, Manghinao Elementary School, Alagao Elementary School, Inicbulan Elementary School.

The CENTEX schools in Manila and Batangas are currently open to receive donations and volunteers for the relief efforts.

In close coordination with the Provincial Government of Batangas, Ayala Foundation has been helping channel the Ayala group’s relief efforts for families affected by Taal Volcano’s eruption.

Ayala Foundation continues to be one in flag and spirit, with fellow Filipinos, as we come as one country to be Magiting and help one another rise above the current situation.