Ayala Foundation’s Social Value Certificate is a first in Asia

  BY Ayala Foundation       August 09, 2019       community development, Social Development, Social Return on Investment, Social Value

Ayala Foundation, the social development arm of the Ayala group, strengthens its commitment to driving social value in its operations, as it becomes the first organization in the Philippines (and in Asia) to receive a Social Value Certificate.

The Level One Certificate was given by Social Value International, a global network that focuses on social impact and social value. This means that the foundation is committed to implementing “systems and processes that are consistent with the Social Value Principles.”

According to the certifying body, “These systems and processes will help Ayala Foundation to measure, manage, and maximize their social value.”

The certificate was awarded to the foundation following a stringent examination process. Covering a two-year period, the certificate also expresses the foundation’s commitment to progressing to the next levels—Level Two (Implement) and Level Three (Maximize).

The Social Value Certificate proves that Ayala Foundation’s initiatives in managing its social impact are aligned with international standards. It also shows that the foundation is following a clear pathway in managing and maximizing its social impact.

In the past year Ayala Foundation has sharpened its focus on measuring the impact of its programs. Using the principles and methods of Social Return on Investment (SROI) as a framework to measure social value, the foundation looks closely at how deeply and how sustainably an intervention impacts its stakeholders, while also showing possible areas for improvement.

SROI measures non- or extra-financial value, covering such items as social or environmental impact, among others. While using the SROI methodology primarily assigns a financial proxy to each type of impact, it also allows for the inclusion of non-monetized (but still quantitative), qualitative, and narrative information.

Briefly speaking, SROI looks at the return earned by a social investment. The higher the return for every peso investment, the greater the social impact.

Ayala Foundation’s community development initiatives cover such areas as education, sustainable livelihood, tourism development and promotion, and others. For example, Ayala Foundation engages local farmers (left) and connects them to local resorts and hotels—thus ensuring quality produce for resorts while also improving the income of farmers. Similarly, the Ora Mismo project (right) partners with senior high schools in El Nido for skills training in the hospitality industry, which improves the employment prospects of their graduates.

For example, Ayala Foundation’s multi-prong community development initiatives in El Nido, Palawan, has been shown to generate significant value. Covering education, livelihood, tourism development, and other initiatives, the El Nido program works with business, local government, community, educational institutions and organizations. As a result, the different initiatives implemented in El Nido has generated for Ayala Foundation and its stakeholders an SROI of 1:26.48—or a PhP26.48 return for every peso investment.