Building a house for Synergy at Ayala

  BY Ayala Foundation       July 26, 2017       #SynergyAtWork, Ayala Foundation, Social Good, Townhall

Ayala Foundation highlights the importance of alignment with business units to achieve greater impact for social good

July 24, 2017, Ayala Museum, Makati City—Ayala Foundation’s core is about creating positive social impact to the conglomerate, community, and the country. For 56 years, it has been geared towards community development. But beyond the Foundation, the rest of the Ayala group have programs that help improve lives, with each business unit having their own CSR and/or CSV portfolio. “Imagine the impact of all the social good if a 45,000-strong Ayala Group combined their efforts and put it all under one house.” This is precisely the challenge of yesterday’s speaker, John Philip (JP) Orbeta, President of AC Synergy.

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JP Orbeta, Group Head for Corporate Resources and President of AC Synergy talks about Synergy for Social Good in Ayala Foundation’s First Semester Townhall

Orbeta was invited to be a speaker in Ayala Foundation’s First Semester Townhall, aptly called “Synergy for Social Good”. He highlighted that alignment, or what he calls synergy, is not a new concept to Ayala. The group has been doing this, whether consciously or not, through the years. An example is the recently concluded #BrigadangAyala 2017, wherein the business units and subsidiaries of Ayala joined forces for DepEd’s Brigada Eskwela.



Last May, Ayala Foundation facilitated an Ayala-wide Brigada program. 21 companies gathered more than 2,000 volunteers and reached 50 schools. This is no small feat, coming from the previous year’s 11 participating companies, 372 volunteers, and 6 schools. This is what you call synergy for social good.


Ayala Foundation ManCom with JP Orbeta.

From Left to Right: Aldy Katigbak (CFO, Senior Director, Finance), Joanna Duarte (Senior Director, Programs), Cel Amores (Senior Director, Corporate Communications), JP Orbeta (Ayala Group Head for Corporate Resources), Ruel Maranan (President, Ayala Foundation), Mariles Gustilo (Senior Director, Arts & Culture), Pat Mijares (Senior Director, Human Resources and Corporate Services).

Ayala Foundation recognizes synergy has been at work and has been key in the success of their projects. This is why for its first semester town hall, more than just a cascade of directions and a review of milestones, a collective learning session on synergy for social good was included in the program.


“Let us continue to align and Be FaSt.”–Ayala Foundation President, Ruel Maranan

The Ayala Foundation team has risen to the challenge of becoming better, faster, and stronger (Be FaSt) through improved processes and their openness to synergy. This is what Ayala Foundation President, Ruel Maranan has emphasized in his message. He also presented a video of the organization’s first semester milestones, which he considers as the concrete manifestation of this so-called synergy. He is grateful for his hardworking team and the rest of the Ayala group who helped make these accomplishments possible. He continues to challenge the team to continue to align and to “Be FaSt”.

Towards the end of the session, JP mentioned that there are multiple councils within Ayala, each covering a specific field. However,g there is a missing piece in this house of councils. With the current dynamics within the conglomerate, he stated that the time is now ripe to launch a council for social good, to be spearheaded by Ruel Maranan of Ayala Foundation.


#SynergyAtWork—JP Orbeta with Ayala Foundation and representatives from the Ayala group of companies

Indeed, this is an exciting time to be part of the Ayala group. The goal is for everyone to harness the collective and create shared value, deliberately include social impact in everyone’s efforts, and to continue to work towards synergy for social good.