One of the pioneering corporate foundations in the country, Ayala Foundation Inc. (AFI) was founded in 1961 by Col. Joseph McMicking and Mrs. Mercedes Zobel-McMicking.

The establishment of AFI—then known as Filipinas Foundation Inc. (FFI)—was inspired by the signing of the Science Act of 1958. The law sought to “integrate, coordinate, and intensify scientific and technological research and development and to foster invention,” and encouraged the private sector to get involved and, if possible, give priority to science research.

FFI and its founders believed in the need to “push the frontiers of knowledge and abolish poverty and privation in whatever form among the people of the Philippines.” Aside from science and research, the foundation implemented projects in the fields of education, community development, and arts and culture.

Over the years FFI worked hard to respond to the evolving needs of its various publics. After the People Power Revolution of 1986, the foundation renewed its commitment to the Filipino people, strongly reflecting the great sense of hope and eagerness to contribute to national development that pervaded the nation.

In 1990, FFI was renamed Ayala Foundation, signifying the renewed commitment of the Ayala group of companies to responding to the needs of a changing society.

Over the years, AFI has implemented programs in virtually all regions of the country, as it nurtures partnerships with a wide network of government, nongovernmental, corporate, and community-based organizations, as well as private individuals.

AFI continues to evolve as it works hard to achieve greater reach and impact. Strongly believing in the need to play an active part in national development, AFI has chosen to respond more actively to the changing needs and aspirations of the communities it serves.

Today, AFI envisions communities where people are productive, creative, self-reliant, and proud to be Filipino. As a believer in creating shared value and inclusive business, it operates in three thematic program areas—Education, Sustainable Livelihood, and Love of Country. AFI is a member of the Ayala group of companies.