About the program:

The Center of Excellence in Public Elementary Education (CENTEX) provides holistic, quality education for bright children from economically disadvantaged families, honing their confidence and competencies not just inside the classroom but also through after-hours learning in the performing arts and other skill-building activities.


Year started:

1998 (Manila)

2000 (Batangas)


Program sites:

Tondo, Manila

Bauan, Batangas


Program partners:

Department of Education

City Government of Manila

Provincial Government of Batangas

Private donors (including Macquarie, Children’s Hour, and individual donors)


Quick stats*:

Total enrollment (SY 2016–2017): 1,010

Promotion rate: 95% (v. 73.5% national average)

85% teacher proficiency rating

90% parent participation in special training sessions

25,250 volunteer hours rendered by parent

*as of 2016

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