Corporate Citizenship and Volunteerism

We provide venues and opportunities for meaningful socio-civic action for the Ayala group’s 60,000+ employees and our collaborators. By creating a centralized platform for Ayala’s social impact initiatives, we hope to catalyze favorable results in the areas of disaster response, health and sanitation, financial inclusion, and education as one #BrigadangAyala.

Leadership Development

We aspire for Filipinos to emerge as world-class leaders who elevate standards within their chosen fields and inspire future generations. We empower leaders and professionals by providing them with platforms and networks to amplify their influence. We aim to develop next-generation leaders in public service, the non-profit sector, arts, sciences, and athletics to pave the way for good governance, shared prosperity, and sustainable change.

Community Development

We aim to elevate Filipino families from poverty to the middle class. To achieve this goal, we take systemic approaches to fulfilling basic needs — enhancing nutrition, health, education, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), electrification, and connectivity within our target communities. We boost economic vitality through programs in financial inclusion, sustainable livelihood, and by supporting local museums and libraries. Working closely with partners, we serve as an integrator of interventions to find solutions that are suited and relevant to the needs of communities.

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